Our vision

We all want to be seen, heard, and valued.

Young people are no different.

By creating the space for them to feel understood and listened to, we can empower young people to reach their potential.

At Minus Violence, we’re driving a movement to make that happen. We work within schools, communities, and organisations offering practical sessions, programmes, and workshops designed to support young people, to foster safe spaces, and to create open dialogues.

Born as a response to a pandemic of youth violence across the UK, Minus Violence is built on twenty years’ of expertise in youth intervention work.

The movement continues to shape shift in order to reach the people who need us most: those vulnerable to life-threatening behaviour involving gangs, guns, knife crime, and extremism.

This isn’t something that is going to happen overnight. It involves working with communities and coming together as a society to address the root causes that can lead to violence and conflict. For this to be a success, we all need to be invested.


“It was really well received; the feedback from both students and teachers was phenomenal. They found it both entertaining and educational. Many said how it increased their awareness of their use of the internet and their perspective of the online world. Overall, it was a really inspirational and valuable session.”

PHSCE and Citizenship Co-ordinator, Archbishop Beck School Liverpool

“I spoke to senior staff in each college who were hugely impressed and are seeking ways of bringing the program back for future cohorts. On a personal note, I would recommend Minus Violence to anyone wanting to work with youth groups.”

East Midlands Regional PVE Coordinator HE/FE

“Minus Violence has developed a range of high impact interventions to enhance an understanding in addressing the impact of violence to build relationships with the community in identified high risk areas in order to be able to tackle any emerging related trends.”

Deputy Manager, Hackney Integrated Gangs Unit

The only way we can promote our message of anti-violence and anti-conflict is by coming together.